Heart-A-Tag Handmade Canvas Pouch

This amazing canvas pouch is beautifully crafted and customised by my dear friends at Heart-A-Tag specially for Krokrolamb! Love the colour! I’m still deciding if I’m going to use it as a cosmetic pouch or a toiletry bag, whichever way, the size is perfect! ♥

I like its natural look and versatility. It’s also fun to store your items in a personalised way and definitely makes a great gift for your friends and family!

What’s great is other than handmade canvas pouches, Heart-A-Tag also offer a whole load of amazing stuffs such as handpainted shirts, handcrafted rubber stamps and handmade canvas bags, all fully customisable with your favourite pet phrases, sizes, colours and designs!

Here are some of my favourite pieces!
Their pieces are awesome and reasonably priced. Why not check out their store HERE to see their full collection! You can also find them on Instagram (@heartatag)!