RESOBOX World Amigurumi Exhibit Vol. 2 Opening Bash Video

#RESOBOX World #Amigurumi Exhibit’s vol 2 Opening Bash Video! Thousands of amazing amigurumi displayed here!


RESOBOX World Amigurumi Exhibit Vol. 2

Wow! It’s been more than a year since I last posted! There’s definitely lots of catching up to do. So sorry for the long lapse as I’ve gotta admit it’s quite a challenge to juggle between all the social medias, work and orders . But for “more regular updates” (I try to) 🙂 , you can find them at my Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/krokrolamb/ or my Instagram @krokrolamb

So for the next few days I’ll be posting some of my works that haven’t made it to the blog yet.

Remember RESOBOX’s World Amigurumi Exhibit? I participated again last year and here’s my themed piece for RESOBOX’s World Amigurumi Exhibit vol. 2! We were asked to create a piece that represents our country and our culture, so please meet Levi the Lion. You can read more about him below 🙂

12469607_1041394969235335_9186200618988363887_oLevi the Lion #amigurumi appeared! #Singapore, “The Lion City”, got its name when The Sumatran Prince, Sang Nila Utama, thought he discovered a lion while hunting. However, recent studies show that it wasn’t a lion that he saw, but a Malayan tiger! Nevertheless, the #lion remains a national symbol, ranging from being used as a coat of arms to the ever popular #Merlion.


RESOBOX World Amigurumi Exhibit’s Opening Bash Video

The World Amigurumi Exhibit’s Opening Bash video is finally here! The wonderful crew at RESOBOX has spent more than 70 hours putting everything together and I must say they have done an amazing job! It’s breathtaking to see thousands of amigurumi from all over the world all displayed together in one room! This exhibition is still ongoing till 28 February, 2015, so if you stay in or near New York, do come experience this cutest and cuddliest exhibition ever!

For more information about this exhibit, please visit Resobox’s website: http://resobox.com/amigurumi-world-14/


Halloween Crochet Dolls

Meet the Halloween Devil and Pumpkin Cat Dolls! The latest addition to my mini doll handphone/bag charms series! Don’t you just love Halloween? It’s definitely one of my favourite holiday! So what will you be dressing up as this coming Halloween?

Halloween Devil and Pumpkin Cat Dolls are available for purchase here and don’t forget to follow me on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest for more crochet and amigurumi updates!♥


Amigurumi Pattern – Aviator Monkey


Fly Me Away Crocheted Aviator Monkey Amigurumi doll.

Have fun crocheting this little cutie!

Format: This PDF document consists of 4 pages of detailed instructions, photos and diagrams illustrating the process.

Finished size: If done with Size 10 cotton crochet thread,
Monkey – Approximately 3 inches in height
Plane – Approximately 1 1/2 inches in length

Pattern for this cutie is available at krokrolamb etsy shop