Instagram Bunny Amigurumi Pattern

Almost 1500 Likes on Facebook! Thank you to all the lovely friends from all over the world! ♥ To celebrate this little milestone and as promised, I’ll be giving away 50% discount off this new Instagram Bunny Amigurumi Pattern till 31st May! Simply key in Discount Code KKLD1500 to get this offer! Thank you for all the wonderful support and I’ll continue to work on more cute creations and share more exciting promotions with you guys!

Pattern available Here

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InstagramBunny-5 copy


Crochet Animals Amigurumi Nursery Wall Hanging Decor Clothespins Launch!


As promised, my first set of crochet animals amigurumi nursery wall hanging decor clothespins is officially launched today!

Each clothespin is embellished with an adorable hand crocheted amigurumi stuffed animal. Decorate your nursery with these cute clothespin by hanging pictures of your babies or letters of their names! These are also perfect for baby showers / birthday parties, gifts, favors, games or even for holding your notes/paperwork together.

You can have a choice of any 3 of your favourite animal clothespin from this adorable selection or the full set!

Find out more at  krokrolamb etsy shop